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We hope that the questions and answers below will address some of your queries. This page will be updated as new questions come in.

As at 10 November 2023

Why is Zion Serangoon embarking on the Tavistock-Ready Project (TSR)?

The TSR is part of Zion Serangoon’s endeavor to become “Every Gardener A Missionary” (Vision 2024-2029) as clearly discerned by our Session. We hope to become a missional church as a way of stewarding well the upcoming Tavistock MRT, and more importantly, to obey Christ’s command to be witnesses for Him (Acts 1:8).

How will TSR look like in fruition?

As a church building in the community, we want to become a hub that is solidly connected to the MRT public transport network, where the surrounding community feels drawn to spend time in. We envision being a place where evangelism opportunities abound.

What steps will we take to get there?

Our first step will be to start a preschool in partnership with Charis Montessori and making enhancements to the building. We anticipate that this first step will begin to draw people from the community into our church. We continue to pray for God’s guidance to lead us forward one step at a time in the coming years.


Most crucially, we need to prepare our hearts and hands as a church to be Tavistock-Ready by becoming a missional people. To better reach out to the lost, we need to pray fervently and equip ourselves through active discipleship and training while getting our building ready for greater capacity.

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