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Refreshing Our Space



We envision this place as one where people from the community can be welcomed into. It will be a multi-use space that can house events ranging from small group bible studies to large-scale events like outreaches, talks or presentations. The space can also serve as a dining area, reading corner or co-working setting.

We will be relocating our kitchen to better utilize a dead space at the corner of our church for fellowship, dining and even gardening. The kitchen will also be expanded so that it can be better utilized by various ministries.


God willing, we also hope to provide better public connectivity to Tavistock MRT through our building, bringing more visitors into our grounds.


Lastly, we will be upgrading our toilets on all 3 levels to better serve our expanded community.


Church Office

The Church Office will be strategically relocated to ensure line-of-sight connectivity to the Fellowship Deck, so staff can seize any ministry opportunities that may arise and welcome visitors to our building. The new office will serve as an administrative wing that will enable us to further grow our staff strength.

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