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What is TSR?

With the upcoming completion of Tavistock MRT Station, we discerned new possibilities for the future of our community. TSR is meant to help us fulfil our vision of "Every Gardener A Missionary". We are committed to building a strong foundation of faith and service for the generations to come. We are prepared to do great things with God's enabling and help, for His glory alone.

Image by Dave Hoefler
Intentional Discipleship

We want to be a community of faithful disciples of the Lord Jesus, so that we can actively live out the commands to love God and to love others as ourselves.

Image by Luke Chesser
A Missional People

We want to be a people that boldly and lovingly reaches out beyond our four walls to the community and the world with the truth and mercy of God, so that they may come to know our loving Saviour.

Image by Codioful (Formerly Gradienta)
Persistent Prayer

We want to be a people that understands our need for God’s intervention in our lives and community, and who seek Him and His will fervently through personal and corporate prayer.

Image by MagicPattern

We want our space to reflect our desire to grow as a vibrant, outreaching church that welcomes the community into our midst.

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